Babies that swim

NEMO33 opens its doors to kids...

Bébé nageur NEMO33

Advantages of NEMO33 :

- The water :   filtrated particularly well (measurements taken every 10 seconds and electronic corrections), drinkable, with very little chlorine, slightly mineralized, excellent for the skin, warmed at child-friendly temperatures (32-33°C).
-Its air :  filtrated continiously, with very light amount of chloramines, with less amount of fine particles than the air outside.
-Changing rooms :   tailored to mothers, with a folding changing table .
-Easy Access :   confortable parking area, 100 places.
-Restaurant & Bar :   inside of the complex of NEMO33, thaï food.   With a view to the inside of the pool.   Be our guest.

Principle of the training

Accompanied by at least one parent (two is even better!), the baby will be supported by our guide with the help of the parent(s).


Baby training

Age :   3 months to  2,5 years
Duration :   20 minutes
Price :   One parent + baby :   25 € / session       Second parent : 5 €