How to get to NEMO33?


In the TGV, Brussels is 1:20 away from Paris, 1:40 from Rotterdam, 2:33 from Köln (Cologne), 2:36 from London, and 3:40 from Lyon !

Adresse NEMO33


By car you can find Nemo33 by taking the exit n°18 on the "Ring Ouest" of Brusseles.

Adresse NEMO33


   After you take the exit 18, continue 750 m towards "Uccle", and on the 1st  round-point (Menhirs), you will find us !

Adresse NEMO33


Address of NEMO33 Plongée :

NEMO 33 - Plongée
Rue de Stalle 333 (Rond-point des Menhirs)
1180 Uccle (Brussels) - Belgium
Telephone : +32-2-332.33.34
Email :  dive (at)
GPS :  4°19'02' Est - 50°47'46' Nord



  •  From GARE CENTRALE (Central Station) :

Travel time: 38 min
Take the metro 1b towards ERASME. Stop at "DE BROUCKERE" (2min).
Take the tram 04 towards STALLE.
Descend on the last stop: "Stalle" (26 min).

  • From "GARE du MIDI" Station :

Travel time : 23 min
Take the tram 04 towards "STALLE".
Descend on the last stop: "Stalle" (20 min).

  • From "GARE du NORD" Station :

Travel time : 32 min
Take the tram 04 towards STALLE.
Or take the tram 32 towards "Drogenbos-Château".
Descend on the stop "Stalle" (30 min).

Itinéraires en bus (STIB)…

  • from "La Bourse" take the bus 48 until the stop "Stalle".
  • from "Gare du Midi" take the bus 50, towards Lot, until the stop "Stalle".
  • from "CERIA" take the bus 98, CERIA, towards "Héros", until the stop "Stalle".



  • Take the "Ring Ouest (RO)" of Brussels (From the E19, Mons-Bergen), exit 18 (Drogenbos, Ruisbroek, Ukkel).
  • Go towards “Uccle –Ukkel”.
  • Pass the first traffic light and continue straight.  You will see the "Carrefour" and "Quick" on the left
  • After the 2nd traffic light you will arrive to the round-point (le rond-point des Menhirs).
  • The entrance of NEMO33 is on the round point.
  • NEMO33 has a FREE and spacious parking lot (more than 100 places available).  In front of NEMO there is as well another free parking lot (250 places).  If you come in "Caravan car, mobil-home or autocar you must park in that parking lot.