NICE TERRACE of our restaurant

They say we have the nicest terrace in Brussels...

La plus belle terrasse de Bruxelles

La plus belle terrasse de Bruxelles, ses plats
  • Reservations : 02 / 333.38 30 from 11h.

Why is it the most beautiful terrace ?


To start, is is made on wood.  But we are faithful to our ecological ideas ... and the wood that has being obtained from european replanted areas.  No foreign woods and no more deforestation!


As well,  some years ago we have planted bamboos of diferent species.  Nowadays they have grown and they had  become an excellent protection against the wind.  With the soft breeze their leafs produce a calming sound.


To finish, we had left the neighbor terrain intact.  The natural biotope is still there without being cut or changed.


And guess what ?
We have some grasshoppers ! ... In the middle of the summer, in Brussels... close your eyes and enjoy their singing !