The first scuba diving courses

At NEMO33, you can feel the sensation and joy of being underwater. It is not necessary to have any previous experience.

Formation initiation cours de plongée Bruxelles NEMO33 Formation initiation cours de plongée Bruxelles NEMO33 Formation initiation cours de plongée Bruxelles NEMO33




Our experienced instructors will supervise you during an hour so that you discover how scuba diving is enjoyable and effortless ! No doubt you will be fascinated! (Maximum 6m deep).

  •  PREREQUISITES:   min. 12 years old
  •  DURATION :   1 hour
  •  COST :   45€ / person (equipment rental is included), maximum 2 people simultaneously.  RESERVATION and pre-payment must be done.
  • GROUPS : The cost is between 40 and 70 € HTVA per person. Check "EVENT/ Prices of the dive incentives"
  • SCHEDULES :  Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday at 19:00 – 20:00 – 21:00 ;  Saturday and sunday from 12:00 until 18:00
  • RESERVATIONS :  by telephone between 10h and 18h from monday to friday :   +32(0)2 332 33 34     or by mail :   dive (at)



The program TRY SCUBA DIVING (TSD) is the program that will really teach you the basics of scuba diving. A SS instructor  will teach you all the technical elements you need to know for discovering the underwater world in a safe way.  We recommend you prepare yourself for the "TSD" by taking the FREE Theory Course.  Click: ONLINE TRAINING

After the TSD sesion at NEMO33 you will surely be interested in continuing scuba diving.  The next learning possibility is to take the INDOOR or the OPEN WATER DIVER COURSE, to obtain yous Scuba Diving LICENCE.  You can start by taking the FREE Theory course at:  ONLINE TRAINING

Brevet debutant plongeuse NEMO33

There are more than 2000 SSI centers in more than 90 countries, the scuba diving oportunities are unlimited !

Once you finish the program TSD, your instructor will give you a card "TRY SCUBA DIVING" and he will register you officially at the SSI worldwide database ("ODiN").   You will have direct acces to your personal space via


  • PREREQUISITES :   min. 12 years old
  • DURATION :   2 to 3 hours
  • COST :   99€ / person (equipment rental is included), maximum 4 people simultaneously.   RESERVATION and pre-payment must be done.
  • GROUPS : interested in taking the TSD Program ?  Contact:  event (at)
  • ADVANTAGE :   If you register for the INDOOR or OPEN WATER DIVER Course during the next 2 months you will receive a discount of 30€ on the price of the course !!!
  • SCHEDULES :  Saturday or Sunday during the day
  • RESERVATIONS :   +32(0)2 332 33 34   or:  dive (at)
  • INFORMATION about the next TSD sessions, click on "COURSES/AGENDA".
If the sessions that we propose do not adjust to your schedules, we are able to open different sessionss for you at any time of the week, the 365 days of the year!  Alone, in couple or in groups, everything is possible !  Contact us!

NEW:  If you are 4 people interested in taking the same course we will offer you a great discount! Contact us !

There are THREE paying options :

1- Bank transfer:   IBAN :  BE76  3630  3290  7995     BIC (or SWIFT) :  BBRUBEBB
Please add a comunication note :  Ex: "Course (TSD),  date, name".  Payment must be received ONE WEEK before the start of the course.

2- Payment by credit card (VISA or MASTER CARD) or BANCONTACT.

3- Payment on cash at NEMO33 between 12h00 and 21h00.